February 4

Corona vaccine maker’s shares tradable on FTX

Corona vaccine maker shares tradeable on FTX

The crypto exchange FTX is now making it possible to trade tokenised shares of Corona vaccine manufacturers. There is also criticism of the outcome of the vaccination summit and possible extensions of the state of emergency in the wake of the pandemic.

One of the few industries to profit from the corona virus is the pharmaceutical industry. Touted as “saviours” by politicians, the Corona vaccines from BionTech/Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca and Co. are supposed to pave the way back to “normality” for people. No wonder, then, that the manufacturers’ share Crypto Engine prices have soared since the beginning of the crisis. The German pharmaceutical company BionTech, for example, has seen its share price rise by almost 740 percent since its IPO in October 2019. The share price currently stands at 96 euros (as of 3 February 2021).

Vaccine summit aims to solve shortages

After three vaccines (BionTech/Pfizer, Moderna and AstraZeneca) have been approved in Germany so far and the go-ahead for vaccination was given at the end of December last year, the Federal Republic is currently struggling with massive problems in the provision of vaccinations. Critics complain above all about supply bottlenecks and poor organisation on the part of the federal government. A Corona vaccination summit was to provide clarification.

The federal and state governments as well as representatives of vaccine manufacturers and the EU Commission debated for several hours. At the subsequent press conference, Chancellor Angela Merkel presented a “national vaccination plan”. Merkel promised that this plan would list the upcoming deliveries of vaccines “to the best of our knowledge”.

However, it remains unclear how exactly and, above all, when the vaccination plan is to take effect. This is also the view of Health Minister Jens Spahn. In an interview with ARD Tagesschau, Spahn did not specify a date for the vaccination plan to come into effect. He merely spoke of “tough weeks of shortages” until April. He added that the process could not be accelerated, not even with money. The manufacturers of the Corona vaccines had made this clear. Only in the second quarter can “significantly more vaccine” be expected.

Corona vaccination summit triggers mixed reactions

The announcement of the results of the vaccination summit on 2 February triggered mixed reactions. Green Party leader Robert Habeck had recently called for an “emergency vaccine economy” and stronger state intervention in production. He said to the ARD morning show:

The expectation management was changed yesterday. A vaccination summit should explain a strategy, a strategy has been announced. An announced strategy is not a strategy! In this respect, the expectation management was extremely lowered yesterday.

Federal government probably plans to extend Corona exemption until June

Furthermore, the Handelsblatt reports about a new draft law of the federal government, which probably provides for an extension of the Corona exemption. Previously, in March last year, the federal government had limited the “epidemic situation” to 12 months so far. This is now to be extended beyond 31 March until June.

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