December 20

The price of electricity as the key to success

With a lower price, only those who purchase their electricity at a competitive price level can continue to participate in mining. It is likely that difficulty will fall again or the price will rise, so that all cloud mining users with a cheap power supply can expect an even more positive development. Thus, the mining ecosystem regulates itself. The basis for guaranteeing successful mining in the long term is therefore low electricity prices.

7Cloud Mining AG can supply the cheap electricity, including the corresponding hardware and the necessary infrastructure. However, the crypto currency can only be secured through the participation of the individual participants. In the crypto market, there must be a balanced distribution of computing power worldwide in the long term. The Bitcoin thus secures its own success, its existence and a sustained rise in prices through a fair and transparent distribution of computing power.

Long-term returns instead of speculative Bitcoin revolution

Preparation that is geared to these scenarios in the long term can accordingly lead to a considerable Bitcoin revolution. He continues about the Bitcoin revolution: “Every miner and every cloud mining company is enormously important for the success and existence of Bitcoin. Some crypto mentors and supposed experts, who claim it is wiser to buy Bitcoin than to mine it, have not understood the principle of crypto currencies. It is a selfish and short-term way of thinking which is counterproductive for crypto currencies.

Based on a thorough analysis of the available facts, 7Cloud Mining AG has been able to make a clear positive forecast for 2018. In addition, mining has potentiating advantages, e.g. by timing the right time for buying or selling activities. In this case, cloud mining users benefit from the possibilities offered by their high-performance computers. The motto is to mine as much Bitcoin as possible and ultimately own it, because many experts and 7Cloud Mining AG are convinced that prices will rise in the coming years.

Furthermore, the high-tech hardware that the customer purchases directly is always the equivalent of his investment. At 7Cloud Mining AG, mining takes place without a limited term according to the “24/7 principle”. The income can therefore be secured for years.

Seriousness is the key to choosing the right Bitcoin revolution

There are still many cloud mining providers who have unsettled mining users with incomprehensible technical terms and impermissible gag contracts. 7Cloud Mining AG makes direct contact with the Bitcoin revolution miners. Read more about it: Miners in Europe can communicate with each other in a personal way, and the fixed and low fees currently offered on the market make it possible to ensure long-term mining.

7Cloud Mining AG can offer these conditions and advantages; the respective requirements of the hardware can be fulfilled by the technically sound know-how and the competence of the employees. The opportunity to achieve profitable capital growth through the mining method has been put on a serious and solid process basis and has been stabilised and structured.