October 29

Infinitus has found the solution to the biggest problem of crypto currencies

Infinitus has become immersed in a core problem that has long plagued the crypto community and found an amazing way to protect countless users from losing valuable data. With the INF token, Infinitus has created a smart data archive in which confidential information can be securely stored and retrieved.

A common criticism of the Bitcoin loophole

Is that there is no way to gain access to lost or forgotten private keys without control authorities such as banks: https://www.geldplus.net/en/bitcoin-loophole-review/. There are many notorious stories of unsuspecting crypto-enthusiasts who have lost thousands and even millions of dollars in Bitcoin loophole crypto assets due to poor security and unfortunate incidents.

None of these stories is more famous than that of Bitcoin pioneer James Howells of Newport, Wales, who requests permission from the local council to search a landfill after accidentally disposing of a 7,500 Bitcoin hard drive worth about $75 million.

Due to the cunning of hackers, it is more important than ever to use strict security and encryption measures to protect sensitive information such as private keys. However, this has led to an unfortunate trend where such security controls lead to data or file loss, which in turn prevents access to valuable crypto assets.

Currently, there is not a single all-in-one solution for the news spy

That solves this inherent problem in an easy-to-understand way by onlinebetrug that can be applied by almost anyone. Infinitus has not only solved this inherent problem in a revolutionary creative way, but has also created the solution to a host of other problems that have the potential to make the news spy use of crypto currencies more difficult for users.

Infinitus has developed INF Token, an intelligent storage system (SmartDes repository) to store digital data on the blockchain that is accessible only to a specific location (or person) and by a user-defined event. If sensitive data is lost, the smart contract is then executed and the INF token collects the data and sends it to the specified location.

For example, a new user who has invested in Bitcoin would like to create additional protection for their private keys.
He uses the standard soft and hard copy backups and also uses an INF token to store his private keys in the SmartDes repository. He downloads the INF app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. He then sets the retrieval trigger to 90 days inactive and specifies his wife as the recipient.
In the event that he loses access to the soft and hard copy of his private key, he will log out of the INF-Mobile app for 90 days and automatically activate the INF-Smart-Contract, retrieve his keys and send them to his wife.

The data stored in the repository is fragmented, encrypted, replicated and distributed to all peer-to-peer nodes in the distributed network. INF tokens are used to store any alphanumeric data such as passwords, wallet files, private keys, JSON files, UTC files, keystore files, memory phrases, recovery seeds, and even short text messages.

This means that by using INF tokens, you can provide sensitive information with an additional protection mechanism that only you can access if that information is lost.

The core team consists of 10 members. It is led by Xanne Leo, a business consultant with proven success in the start-up scene, and Eric Song, a former stock and futures trader with portfolio management experience in a billion hedge fund.

Other core members are Dr. Ting Shang Ping with more than a decade of experience in financial technology and AI and Ronald Aai, a blockchain veteran who has proven his ability to lead new ideas to entrepreneurial success.

Infinitus counts the last days until the launch of the ICO, where the public can access INF tokens for the first time. The Infinitus Tech team also recently announced that the INF-MVP is available for Android users in the GooglePlay Store. Now they’re working on making the INF Wallet app available, with the release of the iOS version in the fourth quarter of this year, for receiving rewards in the form of